Disney Mirrorverse Collection | Source: McFarlane Toys

Fear the wrath of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck’s fierce battle stances with the release of the second wave of McFarlane Toys’ Disney Mirrorverse collection, inspired by the upcoming role-playing mobile game. 

The Disney Mirrorverse game features an eclectic selection of Disney faves including Mickey Mouse; Donald Duck; Jack Sparrow, and everyone’s favorite blue monster, Sulley from Monsters Inc.; among others. In the upcoming mobile game, the Mirrorverse is kept safe by a group of select guardians tasked with defeating evil as they travel on their journey through the Mirrorverse. 

Earlier this year, McFarlane Toys released an initial selection of action figures for the game, each specially crafted to reflect the details of the Disney characters the game depicts. Now, there is a second wave of figures on the way. In addition to the awesome gear the Disney characters are decked out in, each action figure also comes with accessories and a collectible art card that give more backstory to the characters. 

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In this wave, the Mirrorverse collection gets bigger (literally) with two 12-inch figures ($39.99 each). Sulley from Monsters Inc. looks even more intimidating as the No. 1 monster in his bronze Mirrorverse armor, while the 12-inch Sorcerer Mickey Mouse is posed to look like he is floating in the air.

There are also two new 7-inch figures in this wave for $19.99 each: a battle-ready Genie and Fractured Jack Sparrow. Each figure has up to 22 moving parts making them posable and display-worthy. Finally, there are three new 5-inch figures ($12.99 each) in this wave. Fans can collect Donald Duck, Baloo, and Fractured Sulley, each dressed for battle. These figures may be smaller, but they are still packed with detail and accessories.

The second wave of McFarlane’s Disney Mirrorverse collection is available now to preorder here before it arrives in stores next year.