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In a different version of 2020, we would be walking into the Javits Center right about now to kick off the 15th annual New York Comic Con (NYCC).

However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fans from ALL over the world can join in for the con’s online alternative: NYCC & MCM Comic Con’s Metaverse. And we have all the details about how to check out this fandom-filled event.

So, the basics: Metaverse is free and will take place from today, Oct. 8, to Oct. 11. Here are some of the major aspects of the event that fans will want to check out.


We already wrote about some of the major Metaverse panel highlights, but the whole weekend is stacked with content from your fave shows, movies, comic book publishers, creators, and more. You can check out the full panel schedule here and stream all of the panels for free on the New York Comic Con YouTube channel.


While the bulk of Metaverse is free, fans can get some extra experiences by paying, just like you can at an in-person convention. Fans can visit to check out the available experiences, which include 2-minute virtual meetings with and/or personalized messages from Batman Beyond, Smallville, and The 100 cast members.


There are two ways to connect with other fans and talk about all of the Metaverse action. First, there will be live chats available during the YouTube panel premiers, so fans can react and ask questions in real-time.

For more general conversation, you can jump on the ReedPop Discord server. Visitors can join specific fandom channels, run polls, and more. Some panel guests will even join the server for organized meet-ups, podcast sessions, and more throughout the event.


ReedPop partnered with SYFY Wire for a cosplay contest, which was hosted entirely on the SYFY Wire Instagram page. The contest is closed at this point, but the winner will be announced on Oct. 14.

Cosplay fans can also tune in for the annual (and, this year, virtual) Cosplay Central Championships of Cosplay. It is part of the official schedule for Saturday, Oct. 10. The event will feature 50 pro-cosplayers!


What would NYCC be without tons of merch, exclusives, and art to check out? Metaverse has that, too, with an online Show Floor, a Retailer Zone with showcase pages for more than 50 companies, and an Artist Alley page featuring dozens of artists.

Some must-see booths include:

Many of the retailers and exhibitors are featuring show-exclusive items, so be sure to stop in all the booths! There is also an official Metaverse shop, where you can snag event merch.

Those are all the major happenings at Metaverse, but we’re sure that plenty of awesome experiences, announcements, and updates are still to come!

So, put on your comfiest clothes, go forth, and enjoy the Metaverse.