Raise your hand if you remember the excitement you felt in elementary and middle school when book fair time rolled around. Now wave ’em like you just don’t care, and hop on over to Eventbrite because your beloved book fair is back! Only this time, it’s the grown-up edition we never knew we desperately needed.

Enter Penguin Random House’s first-ever Book Fair for grown-ups! And we do mean grown-ups; this event is 21 and older, y’all! (Just because we’ve moved on from the days of recess, snap bracelets, and Dunkaroos doesn’t mean we’ve stopped pining for those days when we had few cares and the *privilege* to spend an hour picking out what to read next.)

On Saturday, Nov. 23, bibliophiles can attend a 60-minute session to browse the latest books and merch, participate in throwback activities, and get #schooled by your beloved authors.

Held at Lightbox in New York City from noon-5 p.m., the event includes:

  • Admission to the Book Fair for a 60-minute session;
  • Pop culture trivia, giveaways, custom Mad Libs, and an awkward school photo booth;
  • Custom patches, from Stoney Clover Lane, and retro crafts, from Glue;
  • Appearances from PRH authors;
  • Books and merch;
  • Ultimate Holiday Book Fair catalog picks curated by PRH insiders; and
  • Food, drinks, a gift bag, and more.

Sign. Me. Up. Seriously. If you’re in NYC and are ready to experience the most amazing, nerdy, middle-school flashback, you can get tickets here.

Photo: Penguin Random House