Pokémon Together encourages trainers of all ages to share their love of Pokémon. | Source: Pokémon Co.

Every year on Feb. 27, Pokémon fans around the world celebrate Pokémon Day by trading cards, building community, and sharing their love of Pokémon. This year, The Pokémon Co. International is launching the Pokémon Together campaign to encourage trainers to share their love of the franchise.

Pokémon Day celebrates the anniversary of the release of the first-ever Pokémon video games — Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green. To celebrate Pokémon Day this year, Pokémon Co. wants fans to play Pokémon together, whether that be through video games like the new Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, apps like Pokémon Goor the classic trading card game

Trainers and casual fans alike can join in on the social media campaign by posting their photos showing off their love of Pokémon with the hashtag #PokemonTogether. Some of the photos that trainers post will be featured in an interactive photo mosaic at together.pokemon.com, creating a full collage of some of the biggest Pokémon fans in the world. 

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Even more Pokémon Day celebration is to come — Feb. 27 can’t come fast enough!