The Pikachu Kitchen collection features everything trainers need in their kitchen! | Source: Pokémon Center

We don’t recommend hitting Sunday dinner with a Thunder Bolt, but the latest Pokémon-inspired cooking supplies look good enough to eat (with).

Pokémon Center’s new Pikachu Kitchen collection features tons of options for making your kitchen setup more electric, including measuring spoons, mixing bowls, and more. Some highlights include the Pikachu salt and pepper shakers and butter dish, which are all shaped like the popular Pokémon. 

The latest additions to the Pikachu Kitchen collection are the ceramic spoon rest and ceramic trivet. The spoon rest is great for moments when you need to stir your favorite comfort food before putting it in the microwave, while the trivet is perfect for protecting your counter or table after taking something hot out of the oven.

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Like most of the Pikachu Kitchen cookware, both the spoon rest and the trivet are more subtle additions to a kitchen, featuring an all-white base with a simple Pikachu head on it. The trivet also features a black Pikachu border. 

The entire collection can aesthetically work in any trainer’s kitchen, whether you prefer a minimalist look or need a pop of color in your life. Supper time has never been more electrified!

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