Securing tickets to Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) is no easy task and fans are worried if the event cancels, they will have to play the lottery all over again in 2021.

This week, it became all but certain that the biggest comic con will not go on in July. Multiple sources are saying that Comic-Con International should be making an announcement this week. With that in mind, the SDCC Unofficial Blog has penned an open letter to the event’s runners, asking them to extend tickets for next year’s con through one of two options.

Option one is the most optimistic as it’s basically dealer’s choice. The unofficial writers propose that tickets should be automatically transferred to the next event for fans who want to rollover their badges, and refunds should be made an option for those who can no longer afford to attend. But even if fans opt for their money back, SDCC should give those fans a chance to buy back their tickets before they go on sale again. “[With this] everyone gets a tiny, small win in all of this madness,” the blog says.

The second option is to refund everyone’s tickets now, but give those receiving refunds the chance to buy their badges back during a grace period. Those who purchased a Sunday badge before will be able only to get that badge type again and so on. This option is easier on SDCC because it requires less customer service but still makes sure fans know that they are the priority.

While the SDCC Unofficial Blog is in no way affiliated with Comic Con International, the site has become a trusted resource of information on all things related to the fan convention.

As with our previous post on the calls to cancel SDCC, fans have mixed reactions to the latest news. Check out some of the tweets below.


Photo: SDCC

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