Both Space Jam: A New Legacy Crocs designs | Source: Crocs/the Pop Insider

No matter how you feel about them, you can’t deny that Crocs — the iconic rubber clogs that debuted back in 2002 — are having a moment right now.

Enough of a moment that some of this year’s biggest blockbusters have added the shoe company to their selection of merch partners. Disney’s Cruella got a (now sold out) Crocs collection, and now Space Jam: A New Legacy is getting one, too! Crocs were included in the original merchandise lineup for the Warner Bros. movie, but the collection is officially dropping tomorrow.

The bold lineup includes two shoe designs — both available in adult and kids’ sizes. One pair has a black base with the orange-and-blue bullseye featured on the Tune Squad jerseys split between the two shoes. It also features blue and orange accents, plus the Tune Squad and Space Jam logos printed inside on the heels.

The second pair features a blue-and-purple design inspired by the AI database that the characters enter in A New Legacy. Like the other pair, these shoes have the Tune Squad and Space Jam logos printed inside.

Both of the pairs also come with themed Jibbitz charms. Both designs come with a basketball Jibbitz in each shoe, along with a Tune Squad Jibbitz in one and a Space Jam Jibbitz in the other. These Crocs are both All-Terrain Crocs, which means they feature enhanced tread and an adjustable heel strap.

Space Jam Jibbitz | Source: Crocs/the Pop Insider

For those who don’t need a whole new pair of Crocs but still want to show of some Space Jam style, there will also be new Space Jam: A New Legacy Jibbitz available. The designs include Buggs, Tweety, Daffy, and Lola in their Tune Squad getup.

This collection will be available tomorrow from retailers including Foot Locker, Champs, and Footaction.