Stan Lee had his fair share of bad luck this year, and the newest piece of the puzzle regarding the arrest of Lee’s former business manager is unraveling.

Keya Morgan pleaded “not guilty” to filing a false police report along with violating probation—both of the charges are misdemeanors and Morgan paid $20,000 in bail money when he was originally arrested.

The original incident occurred on May 30, when Morgan called the police… on the police… and a social worker. Morgan cited them as dangerous strangers whom locked out security and were potentially harming Lee during the police call. Morgan allegedly interrupted the meeting with the call, so it’s unclear whether or not Lee’s old business manager saw the police before making the call.

According to The Daily News, Morgan made another call to 911 the next day, this time allegedly stating that a security guard was armed and aggressive, following his refusal to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That sounds like an appropriate escalation of the situation…

Following Morgan’s arrest, a temporary restraining order was filed for Lee, with a court date set for a permanent one. Morgan commented on the situation with a super stable tweet:

TBH, hashtagging-“fake news” isn’t going to get you anywhere, my guy.

h/t THR