The Bruce Lee Ultimates! figures | Source: Super7/the Pop Insider

“Don’t think, feel!”

True to Bruce Lee’s words, fans of old martial arts flicks will surely feel a rush of nostalgia, thanks to a new announcement from Super7. As part of Super7’s ongoing “Super7 Days of Teasers” social media event, the brand has announced its partnership with the Bruce Lee Family Co. to introduce this action icon into its Ultimates! and ReAction figure collections.

The collaboration starts with Bruce Lee Ultimates! figures, featuring two highly-articulated 7-inch figures with interchangeable parts and additional accessories: “The Challenger” showcases Lee’s iconic yellow jumpsuit, while “The Warrior” dresses him in his traditional kung fu outfit.

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These figures are available for preorder from Super7 from now until March 4 on a made-to-order basis. They’re expected to be delivered later this year. 

The first wave of 3.75-inch Bruce Lee ReAction figures are scheduled to arrive this fall.

Other reveals from the Super7 Days of Teasers (so far) include an upcoming line of ReAction figures based on the graphics of the Bones Brigade skateboarding team, a first look at the next wave of Disney Ultimates! figures, and a partnership with Critical Role. To keep up with all of Super7’s announcements this week, head to the company’s official Instagram.