Source: Williams Sonoma/the Pop Insider

The Child has been eating a lot of things throughout the second season of The Mandalorian so far. Undoubtedly the most appetizing among them was a package of light blue macarons that our fave space toddler stole from his classmate on Nevarro in last week’s episode.

If you were watching and wishing you could get your hands on that tasty space snack, you are in luck! Williams Sonoma is offering a 12-pack of the cookies.


However, you’ll need a bit more than the Force to get your Nevarro Nummies Macarons — they cost $50, plus shipping (unless you order more items and get over the free shipping threshold. We recommend these The Child ice molds and this The Child spatula).

That sounds like a hefty price but, to be fair, it breaks down to just over $4 per cookie, which isn’t too much more than you’d pay at some bakeries.

Source: Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products/the Pop Insider

However, if getting the real cookies isn’t in your budget or preferred diet, you have options! There is a new Trends International wall poster (available from the Star Wars Amazon store) that shows The Child enjoying his snack with the phrase “my cookies.” Fanwraps also launched a car sticker — which goes on a backseat window — of The Child eating the cookies. These products cost $19.99 each.

No matter how you choose to enjoy these space cookies, be sure not to eat too many — especially before a bumpy ride on the Razor Crest!