Source: Entertainment Earth/The Pop Insider

Previews and Icon Heroes have released what just might be the perfect convention exclusive for the absolute firestorm that is 2020 — a bust of Captain Picard’s facepalm moment, which has become one of the most versatile (and relatable) pop culture memes on the internet.

Originally intended to be a Previews SDCC exclusive, the 8-inch scale mini-bust (pictured above) is available to preorder now on Entertainment Earth for $79.99.

This isn’t the first time that this Star Trek: The Next Generation moment has been turned into merch. Icon Heroes previously sold an all-bronze version of the bust as a ThinkGeek exclusive. This new version sports a new paint job and has a modified right shoulder sculpt.

If you’re interested in adding this bust to your collection (and maybe displaying it next to the 100% Soft Dumpster Fire) you should act fast because the run is limited to 1,701 pieces.