There are two Winx Club sewing patterns with more on the way this year! | Source: First Stop Cosplay/The Pop Insider

Your next con is about to get much more colorful. 

First Stop Cosplay has teamed up with Rainbow S.p.A to make official sewing patterns for Winx Club costumes. The collection is starting with sewing patterns for Bloom and Stella, with the rest of the Winx Club coming through the rest of the year. 

The pattern paper in these kits is thicker than regular sewing patterns, so you can use them over and over again. Each design also features 14 different sizes, so there’s no guessing where you need to cut to get the perfect fit. The patterns also come with a set of instructions that are easy for beginner cosplayers to understand and follow. While these patterns are great jumping-off points, they do not come with any fabric or supplies. That means you’ll have to stock up before getting started on your cosplay.

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The pattern for Bloom’s costume is available now while Stella’s is available for preorder and is expected to ship in the spring. With your new cosplay up your sleeve, you’ll be the envy of Alfea College for Fairies at your next con!