New York City Comic Con (NYCC) is in full effect! Of course, that also means that NYCC-exclusive items are flooding the Javits Center show floor. Fans can find exclusive items in the form of several different products, such as figures, apparel, accessories, and more. 

No matter what fandom you’re in, you’ll likely find an item that’s worth the wait in line. These items are often available in limited quantities and might be released on certain days, so make sure you know when and where to show up! 

If you’re more like Hermione Granger and prefer to plan, you might want to grab your quill and make some changes to your color-coded parchment after seeing these exclusives. For all you Ron Weasleys or Harry Potters, maybe keep an eye out for these booths as you take your leisurely stroll down the aisles. 

Funko and Loungefly, Booth No. 1000

Funko has several NYCC-exclusive Funko Pops, including a few that fit its Heavy Metal Halloween theme. The Funko Pops all have the NYCC sticker on the box, and some are available as limited editions through shared retailers. Some NYCC-exclusive Funko items include: 

  • Monkey D. Luffy (Wanted Poster) Funko Pop
  • New York Comic Con Paulie Pigeon and Pizza Rat 2-pack Funko Pop
  • Star Wars Darth Maul Funko Pop
  • Indiana Jones with Snakes Funko Pop
  • Heavy Metal Halloween Jack Carver Funko Pop
  • Heavy Metal Halloween Phil D. Graves Funko Pop
  • Heavy Metal Halloween Rusty Steel Funko Pop
  • Heavy Metal Halloween Sid Fishious Funko Pop

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At the same booth, fans can find NYCC-exclusive Loungefly products. These include:

  • Star Wars Video Game Mini Backpack and Wallet (limited edition, 1,000 available)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Cosplay Mini Backpack (limited edition, 1,000 available)
  • Trick ‘r Treat Sam Mini Backpack (limited edition, 1,800 available)
  • Oogie Boogie Neon Cosplay Mini Backpack and 3-inch Pin (limited edition, 1,900 available)
  • Kuromi Witch Mini Backpack (limited edition, 1,000 available) 

Crunchyroll Store, Booth No. 1653

You can visit the Crunchyroll Store booth for exclusive anime-themed items. The booth will feature two Attack on Titan-inspired watches, a Chainsaw Man Pochita Otaku Lamp, a Trigun Funko Pop of Vash with Kuroneko, and a Sailor Moon Glitter Version Figpin. 

Tamashii Nations Store, Booth No. 2419

NYCC exclusives | Source: S.H. Figuarts

The Tamashii Nations Store booth will have two NYCC-exclusive items. The S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku ($96) features the dragon fist explosion and is colored similarly to the original movie poster. The second exclusive item is S.H. Figuarts’ The Mystery of UltraSeven UltraSeven figure ($62). 

Marvel, Booth No. 2153

Marvel fans, assemble! There are numerous exclusive items at NYCC, including shirts, spirit jerseys, jewelry, pins, home decor, and more. Some exclusive products include: 

  • Nueva York Spirit Jersey ($70-72) (Saturday exclusive)
  • Spider-Gwen Chelsea NY Spirit Jersey ($70-72) (Friday exclusive)
  • Miles Morales Brooklyn Spirit Jersey ($70-72) (Thursday exclusive)
  • Japanese Iron Man Unisex T-shirt ($32-34)
  • Marvel Jean Jacket ($120-122)
  • Sinister Six Pin Set ($60)
  • Marvel Patches ($10)
  • Marvel x Rocklock Jewelry Collection Alligator Loki Necklace ($125)

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FigPin, Booth No. 1235

FigPin often has con-exclusive items available for various fandoms, and this year is no different. Fans of Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Demon Slayer, Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers, and more will find limited quantities of their favorite characters in pin form. Pin-lovers can also receive a free FigPin logo pin if they spend $75 or more on exclusive pins. Some exclusive pins include:

  • Star Wars: Ahsoka Ahsoka Tano (limited edition of 500)
  • Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Spirit of Yoda Collectible (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Marvel’s Avengers Hulk (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Disney100 Dumbo (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Dragon Ball Super, Super Saiyan God Form Vegeta (limited edition of 750)
  • Spy x Family Variant of Twilight (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Sailor Moon Variant of Tuxedo Mask (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Demon Slayer Gyutaro (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Harpie Lady (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Chainsaw Man Power (limited edition of 1,000)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Variant of Panda (limited edition of 750)
  • Minecraft Variant of Alex (limited edition of 500)
  • Transformers Arcee (limited edition of 750)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Metal Sonic (limited edition of 750)

RSVLTS, Booth No. 2553

If you’ve been looking to add to your Kunuflex Short Sleeve shirt collection, be sure to stop by RSLVTS’ booth. Each short-sleeved shirt is $70. Be careful, though, as some exclusive shirts debut at the booth on certain days. These include:

  • Jurassic Drip Bomber Jacket ($85) 
  • Pizza Rat T-shirt (free with the purchase of an exclusive item)
  • Floral City NYC Colorway Short Sleeve (debuts Thursday)
  • TMNT NYCC Pizza Short Sleeve (debuts Thursday)
  • Pizza Rat Tote (free with purchase of exclusive item)
  • Miles Morales Short Sleeve (debuts Friday)
  • Cheshire Cat Stripes Short Sleeve (debuts Saturday)
  • Tiki Turtles Short Sleeve (limited)
  • Batter Up! (limited)
  • We Are Venom (limited) 

Super7, Booth No. 1343

Godzilla ’62 and Gigan | Source: Super7

Two figures will join the Toho ReAction line in honor of NYCC. Godzilla ’62 NYCC Glow Edition and Gigan ’72 NYCC Glow Edition both have character-appropriate articulation and (of course) glow. The Heat Ray Godzilla NYCC Glow Edition joins Super7’s Ultimates! line and features interchangeable heads and hands as well as a glow-in-the-dark beam. Super7’s exclusives will be available in the Godzilla Store after NYCC.

You can also find Diamond Select Toys NYCC exclusives as well as NECA and Kidrobot exclusives on the show floor. 

NYCC is from Oct. 12-Oct. 15, so you have a few days to complete your journey through the aisles and find your desired exclusives. That being said, now would be a good time for Liquid Luck!

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