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This year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC) is pretty light for Marvel Entertainment on the TV and movie side, but there is definitely no shortage of announcements coming from the Marvel Games department.

This afternoon, Marvel Games hosted its latest con panel, during which the studios and developers behind the upcoming Realm of Champions, Iron Man VR, Marvel’s Avengers, and other Marvel games shared updates and new information.

Perhaps the biggest reveal at the panel came last: Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) and her large fists will officially appear in Marvel’s Avengers. Based on a new trailer shown during the panel (and then shared by Marvel — check it out below!), a young Khan will be the driving force that brings the Avengers back together five years after the A-day tragedy that kicks off the events of the game.

In the merch department, the audience got a sneak peek at the “Earth’s Mightest Edition,” a version of the game that will come in a Steelbook and include one product for each Avenger, including a Black Widow belt buckle, a Hulk bobblehead (that says “Love, Tony” on the base), and Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit blueprints.

Iron Man VR, the upcoming PlayStation 4 game, had some big announcements at the panel, too, including a release date (finally!): Feb. 28! The audience also got an exclusive first look at a story trailer for the game — because this game is so much more than an Iron Man simulator.

As the trailer (which you can see below) reveals, Ghost will be the primary villain in the game. Tony Stark is forced to face his past as a weapons manufacturer because Ghost won’t let him forget it. Other characters from Stark’s world are set to appear in the game, too, including Pepper Potts and Nick Fury.

Another Iron Man VR reveal included information about some of the digital packages and bonuses that will be available for consumers. The preorder bonuses include four custom deco armors: Origin Armor, Vintage Armor, Silver Centurion Armor, and Ultraviolet Armor (an original creation for the game). There will also be a digital deluxe edition of the game, which includes a digital soundtrack, a digital deluxe edition Iron Man PS4 theme, and four additional deluxe deco armors: Golden Avenger Armor, Black Centurion Armor, Sun Stinger Armor, and Stealth Armor. 


For Marvel Realm of Champions, the very recently announced role-playing game from Kabam, we got some additional information about the game’s setup, houses, and characters. The game will officially exist in the same universe as the popular Contest of Champions, but it will be a multiplayer game.

The Battleworld in the game features a variety of houses inspired by Marvel characters, and the Kabam team revealed the eight starting houses for the game, along with the Battleworld Barons and Playable Champions for each. They are listed below.

House of Iron

  • Baron: Stark Prime
  • Champion: Iron Legionnaire

Spider Guild (based on Spider Island)

  • Baron: Madam Web
  • Champion: Web Warrior

Gamma Horde

  • Baron: Skaar
  • Champion: Hulk

Patriot Garrison

  • Baron: Peggy Carter
  • Champion: Super Soldier

Asgardian Republic (A “Twisted version of the Nine Realms”)

  • Baron: War Thor (female)
  • Champion: Thor

Temple of Vishanti

  • Baron: Ancient One (a version of Dr. Strange)
  • Champion: Sorcerer Supreme

Kingdom of Wakanda

  • Baron: Queen Shuri
  • Champion: Black Panther

Pyramid X

  • Baron: Apocalypse
  • Champion: Storm

One major focus of this game will be customization. Each character has six points of customization (weapons, color, outfit, headpiece, etc) for endless combinations that impact gameplay. Most of the customization options pay homage to the characters throughout different comic book eras, so players can combine their favorite aspects for a whole new look.

The only other game mentioned at the panel was Future Fight, which had a very short sneak peek video at the start of the panel. It gave very little information — just four icons. Perhaps elemental? More coming soon, apparently!

Photos: the Pop Insider/Marvel

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