The Alligator Loki Necklace was one of RockLove’s most popular pieces at NYCC. | Source: RockLove Jewelry

Are you even a real fan if you don’t dress the part? RockLove Jewelry brought some big reveals to New York Comic Con (NYCC) to help all of us geeks flaunt our fandoms far and wide. The new collections include jewelry designs featuring Marvel, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pokémon.

“One of my calling cards is gender-neutral sterling silver jewelry,” RockLove Founder and Designer Allison Cimino tells The Pop Insider. “I love to make things articulate and move and flip and reveal. It really enhances the storytelling and world-building of the fandoms we love.” Fans can find those articulated pieces in the new collections, including a D&D Mimic Necklace with a box that opens, a Star Wars LOLA Droid Necklace, a Pokémon Charizard Necklace with wings that flap, and more. Keep reading to see what’s new!


The Alligator Loki Necklace features the alligator Variant of Loki hanging from the chain by its front claws with its back legs and tail dangling. The alligator can freely slide along the chain and wears a 14K yellow gold horned Loki helmet. “Some of my very favorite pieces end up being the pieces that I design for fun, like the Alligator Loki Necklace,” Cimino says. “I just wanted something cheeky — a cute little buddy — and it’s almost entirely sold out at the show.” The necklace is available to preorder at for $125. Fans can pair the necklace with the Loki Helmet Ring, available in yellow gold for $125 or silver for $115. Click here to see RockLove’s full Marvel collection.


There are a ton of new Star Wars pieces, including a Grogu Crystal Set that includes a necklace, earrings, and a ring that fans can purchase individually. These pieces feature green crystals shaped and arranged to make up The Child’s instantly recognizable head. The LOLA Droid Necklace is inspired by the L0-LA59 DROID companion of young Leia Organa. It has a round sapphire blue cubic zirconia crystal, red handpainted enamel markings, an antenna, and hinged wing panels that can flap up and down. The Ahsoka Tano Crystal Necklace and matching Ahsoka Tano Crystal Ring feature the Togruta’s face markings with blue-and-white crystals.

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There is also a Leia Organa Crystal Necklace and matching Crystal ring inspired by Princess Leia’s white gown that she wore in the Royal Award Ceremony. Five white cubic zirconia crystals represent the pattern on her iconic belt. The Padme Amidala Lakeside Gown Set includes a necklace, earrings, and a ring inspired by her unforgettable lakeside outfit, while the Padme Amidala Naboo Necklace and Earrings are inspired by the Naboo royal crest. The new pieces range from $65-145. Click here to see RockLove’s full Star Wars collection.


RockLove premiered its second Dungeons & Dragons collection at NYCC, featuring some of the game’s most memorable monsters. The Red Dragon Necklace and Ring both show off the largest and most powerful of the chromatic dragons, the Beholder Necklace and Ring are incredibly detailed versions of the threatening floating creatures from the Underdark, and the Mimic Necklace depicts the shapeshifter in one of its favorite disguises — a wooden treasure chest. The chest has a hinged lid that opens to reveal a message that says, “Definitely not a Mimic.” It closes with a satisfying snap and is reinforced with small inset magnets to keep it securely closed. 

All these D&D pieces feature an antiqued sterling silver look. The rings are $150 each and the necklaces are $199 each. Click here to see RockLove’s full D&D collection.


RockLove’s ever-growing Pokémon collection expands with three Eevee evolutions, including Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon Necklaces. New earrings feature Eevee and Vulpix in sterling silver, and a more colorful pair of mismatched earrings features both of Morpeko’s forms. Fans can also find Snorlax, Cubone, and Charizard necklaces. Charizard has articulated wings and Cubone’s bone can move up and down. The pieces range from $99-135. Click here to see RockLove’s full Pokémon collection.

RockLove also has plans to release another Star Trek collection and introduce an Indiana Jones collection for the first time next year.

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