The Grogu and the Mandalorian Key Organizers | Source: Orbitkey

Happy Star Wars Day to fans throughout the galaxy! May the 4th be with you always, but especially today as you enjoy a bounty of stellar new products and content. We’ve got something deck that is sure to be the key to your intergalactic heart — and no, it’s not a lightsaber of any kind. 

Orbitkey is a key organizer designed for easy storage and jingle-free transportation. The functional, stylish grain leather key holder is now launching into space with four new Star Wars models inspired by Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, Grogu, and Emperor Palpatine. 

From left the Boba Fett, Mandalorian, Grogu, and Emperor Palpatine Key Organizers | Source: Orbitkey / the Pop Insider

Though the characters that inspire them are very different, the four models have the same base design: a leather band that connects by a screw and one ring for holding up to seven keys. Each of the holders pays tribute to its respective character with patterns and color palettes recognizable to any Star Wars fan. The Boba Fett organizer, for example, is modeled after the celebrated Bounty Hunter’s armor with a green-and-black camouflage pattern, while the Grogu model is crafted with a light tan suede and green stitching. 

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The Star Wars Orbitkeys are available to shop now at, for $44.99 each. The Force is strong with this one, so its time to draw your credit cards, Jedis. 

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