Orbitkey’s organizers keep your keys straight and easy to find! | Source Orbitkey

Are you always mixing up the keys to your landspeeder and your TIE Fighter? Orbitkey’s latest collection of Star Wars-themed organizers will keep all of your keys straight.

The new collection is inspired by the most iconic vehicles of Star Wars: the Millenium Falcon, the Death Star, X-wings, and TIE Fighters. The collection also features retro design elements, which is a perfect infusion of nostalgia for Star Wars fans who are always down to rewatch the original trilogy. 

The Millenium Falcon organizer features Han Solo’s iconic ship zooming through space on a dark blue background with red, green, and orange trails of light coming out the back. The Death Star key organizer has a black background (perfect for the Dark Side, of course) with the Death Star launching its deadly laser as TIE fighters close in. 

The X-wing organizer is decked out in the orange and blue of the Rebellion and features the iconic starfighter zipping through space with trails of blue, green, and red light. Finally, the TIE fighter organizer is a blue-green color and features a TIE fighter screaming through space and followed by a trail of blue, orange, and red light.


With your keys securely stowed away, you can show off how nostalgic you feel for Star Wars, no matter which side is your favorite. The new Star Wars Retro Orbitkey collection hits orbitkey.com on May 4, just in time for Star Wars Day!

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