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Crunchyroll is stealing the hearts of Persona5 fans faster than the phantom thieves with a new, limited-edition Persona5 The Animation collection that debuted yesterday as part of the Crunchyroll Loves streetwear line.

Persona5 The Animation is an anime series inspired by the popular role-playing video game of the same name, which is part of the larger Persona gaming franchise. The 28-episode series followed high school student-turned-vigilante Ren Amamiya, who is also known as his persona Joker. During the day, Joker is a regular high school student. But at night, he is the leader of a vigilante group known in Tokyo as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. The Thieves access the Metaverse, which holds the subconscious of humans, to stop the twisted desires of adult criminals in their heads before they commit crimes with their hands.

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The Crunchyroll Persona5 The Animation Crunchyroll Loves collection includes hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts sporting the Persona5 series logo and characters. One black hoodie features phantom thief navigator Futaba Sakura on the back and an image of her red-and-black headphones on the front. There is also a long-sleeved, black T-shirt with the blue-eyed Metaverse being Morgana smiling mischievously on the back. Other highlights include black T-shirts featuring the protagonist, Joker, in his school uniform and fellow phantom thief member Ann Takami.

The Persona5 collection is available to preorder from now until Dec. 20, exclusively online at

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