Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

All of your ‘90s memories of smushing Play-Doh, getting lost in a Blockbuster, and jamming out to the best boy bands are about to come back to you. Hasbro has just released Play-Doh Grown Up Scents ‘90s Edition.

This Play-Doh is designed specifically for adults (!!!) as a way to relieve stress and bring back some major nostalgia. The scents are called Eau de Boy Band, VHS Rental ‘n Chill, Pump up the Jamz, Dial Up Delight, Mall Food Court, and Flannel Fresh. We can only assume Eau de Boy Band smells like a cologne-infused boy’s locker room and Flannel Fresh smells like teen spirit.


Each of the 4-ounce cans of compound features black packaging (so it’s sophisticated for adults), one of the above scents, and the squishable texture of Play-Doh that we’ve all come to love. You can almost hear the dial-up tones and over-excited teenagers of the mall as you squash your way into a simpler era.

There’s no time machine required for this step back in time. Play-Doh Grown Up Scents ‘90s Edition is available now on Amazon.

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