The Dive Ball will send you right to the beach, no sunscreen needed! | Source: The Wand Company

Pokémon Center is expanding its collection of die-cast Poké balls with the Dive Ball replica

The collection of replica Poké Balls from The Wand Company debuted in February with the Love Ball replica, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now, you can catch the Dive Ball for cool, beachy vibes as you gear up for the summer

The Dive Ball features different colors of blue that will remind you of days floating in the pool or pretending like you were a water-type Pokémon. It directly replicates the ball from the Pokémon franchise, which is more likely to succeed at catching wild Pokémon in water or underwater encounters. The replica’s metal shell has proximity sensors that will light up the front button when you put your hand near it or touch it, for an extra touch that will make you feel like a real Pokémon trainer. 

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Pokémon Center is following up this drop later this year with two more die-cast Poké Ball replicas: the Net Ball and the Luxury Ball. The Dive Ball will only be available at for one month, so jump on your chance to catch it now! This Poké Ball is just what you need to dive into a cool summer.

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