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PopSockets is known for phone grips and other tech accessories that make your phone easy to hold, prop up for video-watching, and more. The company is no stranger to a pop culture collab, with collections featuring Disney, Star Wars, and even Friends. PopSockets has collaborated with the Pokémon brand previously, and now it has a new collection of phone grips featuring old favorites!

The Pokémon Classic Collection includes phone grips featuring the first starter Pokémon fans ever met, with Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander all featured. For an oversized accessory with tons of Poké-personality, the PopOut grips are the perfect choice! These grips feature the faces of Pokémon front and center so you can always have your chosen battle partner helping you with your phone.

The new collection also includes MagSafe grips with detailed designs surrounding the Pokémon. Each MagSafe grip can be swapped on and off the compatible base, with no adhesive involved, so you might end up wanting more than one! The Pokémon Classic collection includes these favorite starters, but it doesn’t stop there. PopSockets also has new grips featuring the adorable Eevee, as well as a full set of previous Pokémon collabs to browse.

The new Pokémon Classic Collection phone grips are available now on the PopSockets online store. And keep your eyes open and your Pokéballs at the ready, as the company has teased the possibility of even more Pokémon accessories dropping later this year.


You've gotta catch all these phone grips! This new round of Pokémon PopSockets includes old favorites perfect for any nostalgic trainers. Get a PopOut phone grip for an adorable Pokémon face or a MagSafe grip featuring detailed art.

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  • MSRP:
  • $25-$35

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