The MOTU Origins: Faker 2-Pack Power-Con Exclusive | Source: Mattel/ the Pop Insider

“Everything comes to he who waits,” but we’re way more impatient than Skeletor.

The Power-Con team has revealed three exclusive collectibles for this year’s Masters of the Universe fan convention, which is scheduled from Sept. 11-12 in Anaheim, California. And these reveals have us checking our calendars to see just how far away September is!

All three of this year’s exclusives are from Mattel. First up is the MOTU Origins: Horde Multi-Pack (pictured above). The four-pack features figure variants of the Evil Horde, including a blue-skinned Hordark, a dark Grizzlor, a crimson Horde Trooper, and a shadow Horde Trooper.

MOTU Origins: Faker 2-Pack | Source: Mattel

The second reveal was slightly more … purrfect. The MOTU Origins: Faker 2-Pack comes with an orange cingulum Militare and Havoc Staff, along with “Leo” Faker and his robotic feline mount, Dupli-Cat.


MOTU Origins: “Secrets of Grayskull” Accessory Set

Fans who already have the Origins Castle Grayskull can expand their collection with the third reveal. The MOTU Origins: “Secrets of Grayskull” Accessory Pack brings even more MOTU-goodness to the set. It features the castle’s humanoid robot, a 3D dungeon grate that includes a tentacle, and the Spirit of Castle Grayskull.

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Preorders for all three items are scheduled to begin on May 15 — details will be posted on the Power-Con website soon. ( Just keep refreshing the page until you can take the Evil Horde home.) For more information about Power-Con or to register for the two-day event, visit

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