It’s morphin’ time!! | Source: Funko

Earlier this month, Funko celebrated the one-year anniversary of launching its Digital Pop! line, which offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of popular characters as digital trading cards, with the rarest NFTs redeemable for physical Pop! collectibles.

The Green Ranger is one of the rare Digital Pops! that collectors can redeem for a physical collectible. | Source: Funko

In the year since that launch, Funko has released Digital Pop! collections for DC Comics, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more. Now, Funko is teaming up with Hasbro yet again and calling in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the NFT treatment.

The Power Rangers Digital Pop! collection will feature fan-favorite characters including the Green Ranger, Scorpina, Zordon, and more. Starting on Aug. 23, fans will be able to purchase a standard pack ($9.99) or a premium pack ($29.99) of these digital cards. Both pack types will be limited to 22,500 pieces, for a total of 450,000 Power Rangers NFTs.

Inside each pack, collectors may find one of six rare Digital Pops!, which they can redeem for a limited-edition, physical Pop! figure of that character for no additional cost.

This series of NFTs will be available exclusively on the platform starting at 11 a.m. PT on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Fans will need a Droppp account and a credit card to buy the collectibles.

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