These collectible plush each feature an internal skeleton with multiple points of articulation‭, ‬allowing collectors to create unique action poses‭. ‬The skeleton is made up of a durable system of plastic joints‭, ‬allowing for lots of movement without wearing‭ ‬down or breaking‭. ‬Characters from multiple fandoms will be available soon‭, ‬including My Hero Academia‭, ‬Sailor Moon‭, ‬Naruto‭, ‬One‭ ‬Punch Man‭, ‬Dragon Ball Z‭, ‬One Piece‭, ‬Sword Art Online‭, ‬Fullmetal Alchemist‭, ‬Yu Yu Hakusho‭, ‬Fruits Basket‭, ‬and Sonic the Hedgehog‭.‬