The PUMA x Masters of the Universe collection has three looks inspired by the most famous characters from Eternia. | Source: PUMA

Masters of the Universe fans, only you have the power … To be totally obsessed with PUMA’s MOTU-inspired sneaker collection.

PUMA teamed up with Mattel to make the Masters of the Universe: Revelation collection, which offers three different styles of RS-X sneakers inspired by the show’s main characters: He-Man, Skeletor, and Battle Cat. Each sneaker in the collection has a unique color scheme, but all three have TPU-molded armor plates on the backs and a picture of the shoes’ character inspiration on the tongues.

The He-Man RS-X sneakers are decked in red, white, and orange and have character details, including a furry tongue that looks like He-Man’s boots and the phrase “I have the power” on the side. If the He-Man sneakers have an opposite, it’s the Skeletor sneakers. This set is all cool tones, featuring mint green, purple, blue, and lavender color blocks paired with lime green laces. Like the He-Man shoes, the Skeletor sneakers also have a phrase on the side, specifically the “Myaahahaha!” of Skeletor’s evil laugh. Finally, PUMA brought He-Man’s faithful companion into sneaker form. The Battle Cat shoes’ tongue and lining represent his red armor, while the rest of the sneakers pay homage to his green and orange fur, right down to the stripes. 

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You can find the Masters of the Universe: Revelation RS-X sneaker collection now at and other retailers. By the power of Grayskull, your shoe collection will be more nostalgic than ever!

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