The Marvel Legends Quicksilver figure | Source: Hasbro Pulse/the Pop Insider

You didn’t see that coming?

Hasbro Pulse just dropped a new Marvel Legends figure of Quicksilver, specifically inspired by his appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The figure is a standalone drop (not part of a larger Marvel Legends wave) and comes in Infinity Saga branded packaging, similar to the recent Infinity Saga Thor Marvel Legends figure, which features the Asgardian hero’s look from the final battle in Endgame.

The new Quicksilver figure also comes with a pair of swappable hands and a variety of robot remnant accessories, plucked straight from The Battle of Sokovia. Honestly, this figure might be worth getting for these robot parts alone!

Source: Hasbro Pulse

We will admit, it feels like a missed opportunity not to have a swappable head of “Fietro” from WandaVision included, but here’s hoping that Mr. Ralph Bohner gets his own Marvel Legends figure some time down the road.

This is the third Marvel Studios-inspired release from the Marvel Legends line in the past two weeks, following a selection of figures featuring characters from the upcoming Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings and a full wave of figures inspired by the live-action Marvel Studios series on Disney+.

The not-fake Pietro figure is available to preorder now for $26.49. It is expected to ship around September.

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