The full collection of Jurassic Park shoes from Reebok | Source: Reebok

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs … Reebok creates dinosaur shoes!

Today, Reebok released official details about its epic Jurassic Park apparel and footwear collection, after teasing it on social media earlier this month. The collection features eight different sneaker designs, all inspired by key characters and props from the movie.

The Zig Devil Kineticas feature a color scheme inspired by the park staff’s vehicles | Source: Reebok

The lineup includes Instapump Fury OG shoes inspired by the iconic Jurassic Park guest vehicles, complete with battle damage graphics on the soles and sides. Sticking with the vehicle theme, there is a pair of Zig Devil Kineticas that resemble the park staff’s SUVs, including webbing details that replicate the park’s electric fence. And for any aspiring Jurassic Park employees, there are the Jurassic Stompers, which are inspired by the uniforms that the InGen workers wear in the movie. They feature multiple patches that the wearer can swap out, noting different job divisions within the organization.

These Classic Leathers are a must-have for any Jeff Goldblum fan! | Source: Reebok

As for the character-inspired designs, there are flashy Classic Leathers inspired by Dr. Ian Malcolm; two pairs of Club C 85 sneakers that pay homage to the notorious Dennis Nedry and Dr. Alan Grant; and even a pair honoring Mr. DNA, the cartoon character who explains the process of recreating dinosaur DNA. Finally, the Pump Omni Zone II sneakers in this collection are inspired by the carnivorous Dilophosaurus, complete with dinosaur graphics.

Of course, the packaging for the shoes is themed, too. Some of the boxes are designed to resemble the original Jurassic Park toy packaging from 1993, while others draw on props from the movie — including Nedry’s iconic fake shaving cream can.

Jurassic Park apparel from Reebok | Source: Reebok

All eight of the shoes are available in adult sizing (with prices ranging from $100-200), with a few also offered in grade school, preschool, and infant sizing. As if all of that weren’t cool enough, the collection also includes complementing apparel! Some of the apparel highlights include a Mr. DNA hoodie and a utility vest to match the Jurassic Stompers.

Fans can shop the full collection at starting on July 30.

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