Revolution Beauty has launched a splashy Finding Nemo beauty collection to keep you serving saltwater all summer long.

The collection, made in collaboration with Disney’s Pixar, dropped on June 24 and consists of 14 aquatic-chic products at budget-friendly price points.

The P. Sherman eyeshadow palette ($15) comes in the shape of a snorkeling mask and opens to reveal a sunken treasure-like array of colors. Each color’s name is inspired by a favorite Nemo moment, such as “I speak Whale,” “Keep Swimming,” and “Squishy.” The Finding Nemo eyeshadow palette ($15) is packed with 18 shades that look freshly plucked from a coral reef, like “Shark Bait,” “Big Blue,” and “Tank Gang.” 

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Other maquillage moments include two highlighter and bronzer duos ($7 each) for that anglerfish bioluminescent allure, a Dory lip oil set ($8) with the shades “Coral” and “Reef,” and two shades of liquid blush ($8 each) that make the coastal sunburn trend a breeze.

The drop also includes plentiful Nemo-themed beauty accessories. | Source: Revolution Beauty

The collection also offers up a few themed accessories to supplement your marine makeup POV. There’s a cosmetics pouch ($10), swirled makeup sponges ($7), jellyfish brushes ($12), and even star-shaped blemish patches ($8) inspired by Peach, the starfish.
No need to traverse the Great Barrier Reef in search of this collab — you can shop the Finding Nemo collection on the Revolution Beauty website now.

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