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Sit down for dinner at the Smith/ Sanchez household and you’ll find a totally normal family scene… with a robot to pass the butter, of course.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced at the Adult Swim Festival that Digital Dream Labs would bring the fan-favorite Butter Robot from Rick & Morty to life for a limited time. 

Fans will remember the Butter Robot from the animated series’ first season, when Rick builds the small robot for the sole purpose of passing butter. Digital Dream Labs has designed the robot with the same look and voice as the one in Rick and Morty, but with other abilities, too.

This Butter Robot is fitted with an “emotion engine” so it can react to its surroundings in a seemingly independent way and even struggle with finding its purpose in life (or in technology…). Beware of a butter-themed uprising as it chooses to either obey or rebel against its new master! 

Users can choose from three different modes when controlling the bot via a complimentary mobile app. Direct mode puts humans in the eyes of the robot as it completes simple tasks (you watch via its integrated camera). In Coding Mode, fans can use block coding to relay a series of commands to the robot. Finally, Passing Mode fulfills the robot’s original purpose: it will respond to “pass the butter” and bring its included butter stick to whoever gives the command. Don’t be surprised if the robot mutters “oh my god” back as it comes to terms with its purpose. 

The Butter Robot comes just in time for the holidays and makes a great gift for any Rick & Morty (or butter) fanatic. Fans can learn more and pre-order the Butter Robot for $147 at

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