The RockLove Jewelry x Star Wars Kyber Crystal Collection lineup. The company will reveal the remaining designs over the coming months. | Source: RockLove Jewelry

A new kyber crystal necklace line is coming from RockLove Jewelry, sending all force-sensitive Star Wars fans on a journey to collect them all!

The new collection, which took over a year to create, follows the lore of young padawans tasked with finding their individual crystals. RockLove CEO and designer Allison Cimino was inspired by both Star Wars kyber crystal concept art and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 6 episode “The Gathering,” which follows Ahsoka Tano and Yoda as they lead padawans to discover this central component of a Jedi (or Sith) lightsaber.

Overall, the new collection will feature eight necklaces worthy of General Grievous’ lightsaber collection. Each design in the lineup will be inspired by the lightsaber of a force-sensitive character.

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Each necklace features a crystal set within a partially-assembled iconic lightsaber hilt. Cast in artisan brass, the necklaces also have contrast plating in polished silver, bronze, black rhodium, gold, and rose gold, with accents in hand-painted enamel. The detailed sculpts are paired with either a matching chain or a genuine leather cord. Just like the crystals, the packaging is specifically inspired by each character and includes a metal lid that converts into a display case.

Yesterday, RockLove Jewelry revealed the first two pieces in this collection, which are inspired by the Vader and Skywalker legacies. These red (Vader) and blue (Skywalker) crystals will be available to purchase at 9 a.m. PST on July 13, exclusively on The remaining six designs will be announced in the coming months, leaving fans to guess which iconic sabers will be included.

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