Get some merch that’s sure to impress your fellow con-goers! | Source: Rollacrit

The biggest event in tabletop gaming is coming, and you’ll want to make sure you have an outfit ready!

Gen Con Indy is a huge convention dedicated to the world of tabletop games. This year’s con will be held in Indianapolis from Aug. 3-6 and will feature a collection of events, exhibitors, and more. Anyone who loves the experience of getting together with friends and rolling dice won’t want to miss this one, and Rollacrit is making sure you’ll be dressed to impress with a full Gen Con apparel collection.

There are three T-shirts in the collection, each featuring designs that show your love for Gen Con. Whether dragons, griffins, or tarot reading is more your style, there’s a sleek T-shirt design that’ll have you feeling con-ready.

Two longer sleeve options are also available. The Choose Your Own Adventure Shirt is inspired by the choose-your-own-adventure novels so many of us loved, while the Anime Style Triptych Shirt perfectly captures the experience of hoping for a good result as you watch the dice roll.

Need some help keeping the sun out of your eyes while you wait in line for food at the Block Party? Get two hats in one with the Reversible Bucket Hat or have a stylishly distressed cap with the Heavy Metal Hat. Finally, the Knit Beanie will show off your love for dice-hoarding and keep your ears warm.

Finally, what convention is complete without collectibles? Decorate your lanyard with a Kobold pin or get yourself a stained glass or metal pin of Genevieve the Dragon, Gen Con’s mischievous mascot. When it’s all over, you can be reminded of your favorite convention every time you need a late-night snack by sticking some Gen Con magnets on your refrigerator.

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All this new Gen Con merch is available now at the Rollacrit store. Whether you’re planning to attend in person or online, this collection will make sure you’re dressed the part. Gen Con Indy 2023 is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana from Aug. 3-6. Buy a badge now and get some apparel to go with it!

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