The Heelers are headed to a wardrobe near you! RSVLTS, an apparel company known for its pop-culture collaborations, is dropping a line of Bluey-themed button-up shirts for fans of all ages. (Because let’s be real, Bluey is for adults, too.)

The Bluey collection includes four styles: “Meet the Heelers,” “Don’t let it melt,” “Magic Xylophone,” and “Primary Pals.” 

The “Don’t let it melt” style is sweet tooth-certified: featuring a salmon base, the design is speckled with sprinkles, ice cream cones, and illustrations of Bluey and Bingo happily munching on sweet snacks. The “Magic Xylophone” shirt offers up a geometric pattern with images of the Heelers playing dress up and, of course, tinkering with the magic xylophone.

“Meet the Heelers” is perhaps the simplest style available. Images of the show’s protagonists blanket the pale blue button-up, paired with their names. Lastly, the “Primary Pals” shirt ups the wattage. The pattern is made up of the colorful extended cast of Bluey characters, including Coco, Lucky, Snickers, and Chloe. 

All shirts in the collection are made of RSVLTS’ signature stretchy, shrink-free KUNUFLEX fabric. Each shirt is available in unisex ($70), women’s ($70), and preschool ($39) sizes. 

With back-to-school fully upon us, there’s no time to waste! Bonafide Bluey fans can shop the RSVLTS x Bluey collection starting tomorrow, Sept. 16 at 4 p.m. on the RSVLTS website.


The debut Bluey collection from RSVLTS features four styles (“Meet the Heelers,” “Don’t let it melt,” “Magic Xylophone,” and “Primary Pals), all in the brand's signature fabric, KUNUFLEX.

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  • $39-70

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