RSVLTS’ latest collaboration brings Disney Villains to the popular apparel brand. | Source: RSVLTS/The Pop Insider

No chance, no way, we WILL say we’re in love with these Disney Villain shirts from RSVLTS

The pop-culture apparel brand’s newest collection focuses on everyone’s favorite evil do-ers — the villains from some of Disney’s most iconic films. Featuring characters such as Hades, the Evil Queen, and Jafar, these three shirts prove you can look good while feeling evil. 

RSVLTS’ Hades Gonna Hate shirt. | Source: RSVLTS

Although he’s usually wiling away his days in the Underworld, Hades takes center stage on the “Hades Gonna Hate” shirt. The teal and black button-down is lined with Greek-inspired motifs and includes scenes from Hercules, such as images of the Minotaur, the three-headed monster Cerberus, Hercules himself, Hades, and Pain and Panic. 

RSVLTS’ Neon Nightmare T-shirt. | Source: RSVLTS

The “Neon Nightmare” top depicts several of Disney’s most infamous villains. Fans can rock neon versions of the Evil Queen, Ursula, Hades, Scar, and the demonic Chernobog from Fantasia on this black button-down. There will be no poor unfortunate souls rocking this shirt — it comes in both men’s and women’s versions and is guaranteed to turn heads on the street. 

The Villainous Vizier pattern | Source: RSVLTS

Lastly, you’ve never had a friend like Jafar — no, really. The powerful villain is pictured in a repeating pattern with his snake staff on “The Villainous Vizier,” ready to snatch the lamp out of Aladdin’s hands. Although this orange top is more subtle than the others, there’s no mistaking Jafar’s menacing face. 

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Each shirt costs $70 and is available on and the RSVLTS app. Just like Scar, be prepared — we’re sure these will sell out quickly! 

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