You thought only Dennis Nedry looked good in a patterned button-down? You would be wrong. RSVLTS is dropping yet another collection of shirts inspired by Jurassic Park that are perfect to wear to a casual hang or for smuggling dino DNA off of Isla Nublar.

To start, this new drop — which is part of the company’s ongoing Jurassic Park 30th-anniversary collection — features three short-sleeve button-downs. “You Bred Raptors” features raptors surrounded by strands of DNA and mosquitos frozen in amber. “Must Go Faster” has a repeating pattern of the Jeep speeding through Isla Nublar, trying to escape the T-Rex, while “Patented and Packaged” features a fiery red sunset over Isla Nublar. All three of these tops are available for $70 each. 

If you’re looking for a heightened piece to add to your wardrobe, RSVLTS has just the options for you. The Malcolm long-sleeve button-down looks all black on the outside. However, if you roll the sleeves up, you reveal flares, a flask, and other icons from the movie for a subtle touch of fandom. If it wasn’t cool enough on its own, the Malcolm also comes with a pair of black sunglasses that look like the character’s. It is available for $72.

The highlight of the new release, however, is the reversible “Jurassic Rides” bomber jacket. One side of the jacket features a white-and-black color palette with a classic red Jurassic Park logo, while the other side is black and red with dinosaur print sleeves. 

The four button-downs in the collection will be available starting today, Aug. 22, at 4 p.m. ET from The Jurassic Rides bomber jacket will be launching soon! This apparel is perfect for dino lovers and Jeff Goldblum cosplayers alike!

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