Cars characters are driving down from Radiator Springs to your closet for a new collection from RSVLTS!

RSVLTS is an apparel brand known for its pop culture apparel collabs. Its store offers button-up shirts featuring everything from SpongeBob SquarePants to all things Marvel. Now, the company is revving its engines for a new collection that gives some love to characters from Pixar’s Cars movies.

The Pit Stop button-up features Luigi and Guido ready to get down to business in the pit, capturing the moment from the movie where Guido’s record-setting tire change shocked the opposing team. If you’d like to rock all the Cars companies, the Sponsors of Speed shirt is the one for you. This button-up is completely covered in advertisements for companies found in the film. Finally, the Cruisin’ shirt has a repeating pattern featuring characters Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Sally Carrera, Guido, and more.

Each shirt is available as a traditional button-up, in a women’s fit, and in a size designed for preschoolers, so the whole family can get in on the fun. The new RSVLTS x Pixar’s “Cars” Collection is available now on the RSVLTS online store. You don’t have to drive anywhere to have a new outfit featuring your favorite cars!


Lightning McQueen and his friends race their way to your favorite 'fits! This new collection from RSVLTS features three button-up shirts with characters from the Cars movie.

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  • $39-70

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