Let’s cut the crap, guys. I’m not even going to ask who’s a Stranger Things fan because I know you all are! Get that phone out and start dialing—this is urgent!

You can now buy Mike’s Bike. Yes, an exact replica of the bike he rides on the show while tracking down his missing BFF. The great news is there are 500 of these retro four-wheelers in existence. The bad news is you have to order it exactly how you would have had to in the ’80s—by calling a 1-800 number. ?

Mike’s Bike, from  Schwinn, is designed in the same style as the bike Mike Wheeler rode in seasons one and two—so yes, getting your hands on one of these bad boys is like winning the sci-fi geek lottery. It features a springer front suspension fork, banana-style saddle, classic high-rise ape bars, rear “sissy” bar, rear pegs, a coaster brake, a front light, and a bell. The Stranger Things logo is featured on the chain-guard, and it features other Easter eggs that fans will love. The bike retails for $379.

Mike’s Bike is only available for purchase by calling 1-800-SCHWINN (1-800-724-9466), because we are transporting back in time to the ’80s and how fun is that?

Watch the commercial here while you call! If you get one, hmu.

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