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Last month, Funko revealed that it will be doubling its presence at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) this year, bringing back the Funkoville experience and showcasing brands including Funko Games, Mondo, and Loungefly.

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Now, Funko has officially unveiled its lineup of exclusives that collectors will only be able to nab by visiting Booth No. 5431. Keep scrolling to check out all of the exclusives Funko is bringing to SDCC from brands like DC Comics, Disney, and more.

SDCC: Pop! Toucan, Pop! Freddy Funko as Toucan, and Loungefly Toucan Mini Backpack

Funko is repping SDCC’s mascot this year with three exclusives: Pop! Toucan, which features the toucan flying through the air wearing a cape, belt, and SDCC T-shirt; Freddy Funko as the Toucan; and a Loungefly mini backpack featuring the toucan!

Lucasfilm: Pop! Wicket with Slingshot, Pop! Young Leia with Lola, Pop! Short Round, and Soda Darth Vader

Funko is bringing some of Lucasfilm’s cutest kids to SDCC this year. To continue the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, Funko is dropping a Pop! Wicket that features the cuddly Ewok wielding a slingshot. Before she was friends with Wicket, Princess Leia was friends with her droid, Lola! The lineup also features a Pop! of Leia holding Lola during her escape from the Inquisitors with Obi-Wan Kenobi. With the good, must also come the evil, this lineup also has a 3 liter Soda figure of Darth Vader, which has a holographic chase. Indiana Jones is also getting some love with a Short Round Pop! which is perfect for all the new and returning Ke Huy Quan fans.

Disney: Pop! Heimlich and Pop! Ariel

Two exclusive Disney and Pixar Pop! figures are taking up residence in Funkoville this year. Heimlich has gone through a great transformation to turn into a butterfly for SDCC, complete with little yellow and red wings on his big body! The lineup also includes a new version of Halle Bailey’s Ariel in mermaid form, with her green and pink tail floating in the sea.

Cobra Kai: Funko Soda Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso

The rivalry between Cobra Kai Dojo and Miyagi-Do continues with Soda figures of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso! Both figures are ready to spar and feature chase varients!

Looney Tunes: Pop! Tweety and Pop! Bugs Bunny as Fred Flintstone

Funko teamed up with Warner Bros. to show off more Looney Tunes Pop! figures for SDCC this year. The exclusives include Tweety wearing a sideways baseball cap, red-rimmed glasses, and a hoodie and Bugs Bunny dressed up as Fred Flintstone!

Jurassic Park: Pop! Hatching Raptor, Jurassic Park bundle

For the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park, Funko created a lineup of extra-special exclusives, including a Pop! figure of a raptor hatching and a bundle of Dennis Nedry-themed merch, including a glow-in-the-dark Pop! Pin, a lanyard featuring the iconic Barbasol can, a pin featuring a Dilophosaurus ready to attack, and a keychain with the Barbasol can on one side and the Dilophosaurus on the other.

DC Comics: Pop! Talia al Ghul, Pop! The Question, Pop! Trigon, Bitty Pop 4-pack, Pop! Bizarro Superman, and Pop! Barry Allen

DC Funko collectibles are showing up in full force at SDCC this year with five new Pops! including Talia al Ghul, The Question, Trigon, Barry Allen, and Bizarro Superman along with a new lineup of blacklight Bitty Pops! that features the Joker, Batgirl, Batman, and a mystery Pop!

Source: Funko

Soda Jessica Rabbit

The cartoon childhood crush of many is making her way to your Soda collection! The Jessica Rabbit Soda has a chase that features a sparkly version of her iconic red dress.

Source: Funko

Pop! Fairly Odd Parents

Mr. Crocker won’t like this set of Pops!, but you will! This three-pack of Fairly Odd Parents collectibles features Timmy Turner and his iconic fairy god parents, Cosmo and Wanda.

Source: Funko

Pop! Gaia

Gaia from Captain Planet is here to guide your collection to greatness with two different SDCC-exclusive versions! One version of the Gaia Pop! is limited to 2,000 pieces and is covered in sparkles as a part of the Diamond Collection!

Source: Funko

Pop! Sesshōmaru

InuYasha‘s Sesshōmaru has his arm back and is wielding the iconic Bakusaiga sword in this glow-in-the-dark Pop!

Source: Funko

Pop! Scooby Doo in Scuba Outfit

Scoob is ready for a swim with this SDCC-exclusive Pop!, which features the iconic cartoon dog in a green scuba suit.

Source: Funko

Soda Reptar

Add the iconic Reptar to your collection with an epic Funko Soda! This Rugrats figure also has a purple chase you won’t want to miss!

Source: Funko

Pop! The Dude

Don’t let the rug get pulled out from under you! This The Big Lebowski Pop! is a great addition to any collection and features The Dude himself balancing on one foot on top of a rug.

Source: Funko

Pop! Alina Starkov

The Lightbringer is ready to fight the Darkling in this iconic Pop! from Shadow and Bone. The figure features Alina Starkov wielding her light powers in her Grisha uniform.

Source: Funko

Pop! Frodo

Expand your Lord of the Rings collection with the newest Frodo Pop! This figure features a haggard Frodo after a long journey carrying the One Ring.

Source: Funko

Pop! Powerpuff Girls The Diamond Collection

Your favorite girl-power superheroes are receiving the Diamond Collection treatment! These sparkly Powerpuff Girls Pops! are coming in a must-have 3-pack.

Source: Funko

Pop! 001

Funko’s latest take on 001 from Stranger Things is an eerie addition to any Pop! collection! This figure features 001 in a white jumpsuit, reaching out to use his powers.

Source: Funko

Gold Snoop Dogg

You can already find Snoop Dogg Pop! figures. Now, Snoop is joining the Funko Gold collection in a green and yellow ensemble.

Marvel: Pop! Classic Spider-Man, Pop! Ghost Rider, Pop! Lilith, Pop! Captain Marvel, Pop! M.O.D.O.K., Pop! Thor, and Pop! Gorr’s Daughter

Funko is bringing a whole collection of Marvel characters from the movies and the comics to SDCC this year, including a Pop! Classic Spider-Man set for Funko’s 25th anniversary that includes a collectible pin, coin, and card.

Freddy Funko: Funkoville Bitty Pop 4-pack, Rewind Freddy Funko, Soda Snorkel Freddy Funko, Pez Freddy Funko, Pop! Floaty Freddy (normal and blacklight), Pop! Freddy Bowling Trophy, Pop! Fun on the Run Freddy, and Pop! Proto

Funko’s adorable mascot, Freddy Funko, and his dog, Proto, are the guests of honor at Funkoville! There are four new Freddy Funko Pop! figures along with one for Proto and a Freddy Funko Pez dispenser.

Hunter X Hunter: Pop! Shaiapouf and Super Pop! Awaken Gon

Gon is powered up in this lineup of figures. The super-sized Pop! is also accompanied by Shaiapouf, ready to serve the Chimera Ant King!

Tony the Tiger: Soda Tony the Tiger, Pop! Tony the Tiger, and Pop! Tony the Tiger (Flocked)

Everyone’s favorite cereal mascot is headed to SDCC! Tony the Tiger is showing up as a Soda with a chase variant with a surfboard, and a Pop! figure riding the waves in normal and flocked variants.

Source: Funko

Pop! Johnny Knoxville

Funko’s latest WWE Pop! is here! With Johnny Knoxville added to your Pop! collection, it’s bound to be a hit.

With so many new exclusives from Funko this year, SDCC-goers will have a hard time picking which collectibles to nab! For all of the details about navigating Funkoville and getting your hands on these Funko exclusives, visit the official Funko Blog.

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