NECA announced their SDCC exclusives in a YouTube livestream | Source: NECA

Defend the Earth from Universal Monsters, Gargoyles, Chucky, and more!

In a YouTube livestream today, NECA showed fans all of the collectibles the company was planning to reveal in-person at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) and gave a couple of teasers for upcoming collections. Although some of these collectibles were intended to be SDCC exclusives, they are now dropping in late summer online and in stores.

After acquiring the Back to the Future license, NECA has been quick to drop some exclusive figures of Marty and Doc. After teasing his release on Twitter, NECA gave fans a first look at their new Griff Tannen figure. Complete with a hoverboard and display stand that shows him in mid-flight, Griff comes with a telescoping bat that pulls in and out and two different head portraits. NECA worked closely with Tom Wilson, the original actor who played Biff and Griff Tannen, to get the details as exact as possible. NECA also gave viewers a sneak peek at the next Back to the Future figure in development, ’80s Doc Brown.

NECA’s SDCC Defenders of the Earth exclusives, featuring Flash and Ming | Source: NECA

NECA is releasing a two-pack set of Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless, both exclusive to SDCC. In an homage to the original Flash Gordon film, Flash and Ming appear as they did in the movie. They will be available for purchase online and at Walmart toward the end of the summer, sometime in mid to late September. NECA is also releasing 7-inch figures of Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless that are completely original depictions, separate from the comics and movies. These figures will be available exclusively online and at Target in August, with toy packaging that reflects the ’80s. NECA is also releasing several Defenders of the Earth action figures from their original cartoons, with plans to release more heroes like Tarzan and Zorro next year.

NECA’s SDCC Chucky and Tiffany Retro Clothed Figures | Source: NECA

For horror fans, NECA announced upcoming figures from classic horror movies. To complete its Chucky line, NECA is dropping a Retro Clothed Chucky and Tiffany from The Bride of Chucky. There is also a Halloween II two-pack with 7-inch Michael Myers and Dr. Samuel Loomis figures, featuring flames that snap onto Myers’ chest and a removable face with bloody tears.

NECA’s rereleasing Alien v Predator figures, but adding Arcade colors | Source: NECA

NECA also teased a ton of horror products that will be released next year, starting with a Creepshow Ultimate Creep Action Figure and an Ultimate The Thing Action figure. After obtaining the Universal Monsters license, NECA will release The Wolf Man and The Mummy figures, as well as more Lost Tribe figures. Much to the delight of Alien fans, NECA is re-releasing its Alien figures with a movie paint job from Alien v Predator.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gremlins 2, NECA is releasing a Demolition two-pack of those pesky Gremlins holding bombs and dynamite. Additionally, the NECA team teased a future Gremlins release. Lastly for horror, NECA will release figures based on Disney+’s Gargoyles TV series, featuring Goliath and his love interest Demona.

As for fans of Amazon’s The Boys, NECA teased two upcoming releases of exclusives. The company will be releasing figures of Black Noir and A-Train, both modeled off concept art from the show.

NECA’s SDCC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusives, featuring Shredder and NECA’s online exclusive

The Turtles are back, too, and this time NECA has treated us to a slew of exclusives and releases. For SDCC exclusives, fans can purchase Shredder on a turntable, with a new deco. He wears a wrestling-style ninja belt with spikes and a mutated cape with iridescent colors, wielding purple blades. Shredder will be exclusive to Walmart and released in August. For online exclusives, the company is dropping a four-pack bundle inspired by the Channel 6 camera crew. TMNT fans can purchase the pack to get an exclusive camera crew T-shirt, an April O’Neill press badge, an iron-on Channel 6 patch, a camera crew van enamel pin, and a Channel 6 poster.

In addition to these exclusives, NECA is releasing Danny Pennington and Unmasked Casey Jones figures from the TMNT movie, as well as Shredder as he appeared in Secret of the Ooze. The company is expanding its Mirage figures to complete the line, and teased a Fugitoid figure coming next year. Two-packs with Anthrax and Scumbug, Dirtbag and Groundchuck, and Wingnut and Screwloose are on the way, too, as well as the tallest ninja figure to date: Chrome Dome, which is also coming this next year. Lastly, NECA is releasing a small collection of the Channel 6 news team, featuring the Catwoman from Channel 6, available at Target.

For all of today’s NECA details, action, and more, check out the full livestream below!

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