Shawn Mendes and James Corden have been attached at the hip this week. From Carpool Karaoke, to The Late Late Night Show, they reminded me of two brothers, not biologically-related,  throughout all their shenanigans. Does anyone else get Drake & Josh vibes? Hear me out, dawgs!

Much like Drake, Shawn can sing and gives off those cool boy vibes (TBH, he’s kind of a heartthrob). And much like Josh, James is oozing in personality and likes to put a lot of EMPHASIS on things. On the show, Drake was always framed as the cool, chill dude and Josh was kind of the complete opposite.

On Tuesday, James took Shawn for a little drive in his car (OK, yes this was Carpool Karaoke, but c’mon).  If you remember, Drake failed his driver’s license test and had Josh act as his driver, Chives, on a date. Maybe it’s just me, but putting these two pictures next to each other, really makes me picture them in these roles. Also, yes that is Shawn Mendes dressed as Harry Potter (he’s a geek just like us ?).

On Tuesday night, Shawn hijacked James’ show, The Late Late Show With James Corden, by opening as the host instead of just the musical guest. That’s such a Drake move, don’t @ me. (Similar to when Drake stole Josh’s cute dance partner Emily, and Josh gets stuck with a cruel Eastern-European woman as his partner). Would Drake ever ask Josh? HECK NO. The two Drake and Josh dopplegangers stood on stage, fighting over would who open, similar to how Drake and Josh fought over that…FOAM FINGER.

James also made a dating joke on The Late Late Show that truly teased the dating lives of Drake and Josh. Shawn told James that he had never been set up on a date before. “You don’t need to. You’re Shawn Mendes. Life is Tinder for you,” James said. “You just walk down the sidewalk and you go no, yes, no, no, yes, yes,” the host added as he made swiping right and left gestures to mimic the dating app ?.

Sound familiar? Drake ALWAYS had the riveting dating life. Josh often had trouble in the ladies department, minus Mindy, who I have opinions on.

Now I don’t know what other wacky things these men are going to do this week, but this is my proof for now. Shawn will be on Jame’s show for the rest of the week and I will find a way to prove it!

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