Marvel Legends Series She-Hulk | source: Hasbro Pulse

Marvel fans: Remember to breathe. There’s lots of Marvelous news today, starting with Hasbro’s latest Marvel Monday reveal: a Marvel Legends Series She-Hulk figure, which is set to ship in August.

This 6-inch scale collectible is inspired by the massive green comic hero, who contains boundless strength and the will to do good. It is designed with high detail, multiple points of articulation, and two swappable heads.

Fans can keep their She-Hulk figure close as they watch the new Disney+ series about this Marvel character, which is due out next year. You may want to also have it nearby to protect you from whatever is going to happen in Deadpool 3 — the other big Marvel news of the day.

‘Deadpool 3’ will take place in the MCU | source: 20th Century Fox

The first Deadpool film was released under 20th Century Fox and, after Disney bought it, fans were wondering what would happen to their beloved antihero. Collider reported today that Deadpool 3 will take place in the MCU. (So actually, keep *all* of your favorite heroes close, because you don’t know what Deadpool can do to them. In the comics, Deadpool has killed the entire universe and hit on at least half of them!)

Collider spoke with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and he confirmed that the next film is in the works, will take place in the MCU, and will feature an R rating. Feige says that Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux are working on the script at the moment and it’s possible they could start filming next year.

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