Little Debbie — the company behind the delicious vanilla Christmas Tree Cakes with white frosting, red icing, and green sprinkles — has Christmas merch. Yes, that’s right. When you’re not hiding your portion of Christmas Tree Cakes from your family members, you can rock iconic pastry-inspired inflatables, jewelry, and apparel. Even your dog can showcase your dedication to the holiday snacks!

Little Debbie also makes Christmas Tree Brownies, Christmas Gingerbread Soft Cookies, and chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes, but their holiday merch mainly focuses on the vanilla cakes we all know and love. 

As far as clothing is concerned, Little Debbie has you covered (literally … they’re clothes). The Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Since 1985 long-sleeve shirt is red with an image of the Christmas Tree Cake, the text “Since 1985,” and the company logo. The $24.99 shirt comes in sizes small-3XL. Another long-sleeve shirt, the Little Debbie Official Christmas Tree Cake Shirt, features a Christmas Tree Cake with a bite missing. 

Little Debbie also has two cake-inspired scarves, perfect for snowy winters. The Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Hugger Hat and Scarf Set ($24.99) includes a red-and-white striped scarf that says “Christmas Tree Cake Hugger,” and a red-and-white striped hat with icons of the famous goodie. The Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Scarf mimics the design seen on the cake, but the $19.99 scarf does not come with a matching hat

If it’s a bit cooler where you live, there are plenty of Christmas Tree Cake-themed short-sleeve shirts. 

Little Debbie Tis The Season T-Shirt Women’s ($24.99) is a green short-sleeve shirt featuring icons of Little Debbie Christmas snacks and reads “‘Tis the Season.” The Little Debbie Tis The Season Shirt Ladies Red ($24.99) is a red short sleeve with an image of a Christmas Tree Cake and the text “‘tis the season.” Similarly, the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Youth T-shirt is red but shows a Christmas Tree Cake with a bite taken out. 

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Earrings | Source: Little Debbie

The Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Earrings are, you guessed it, earrings that look just like the pastry. The nickel-free studs are $9.99.

Still want to show your love for Christmas Tree Cakes but don’t want any additions to your wardrobe? The Little Debbie Christmas collection also includes Little Debbie Wrapping Paper ($14.99) featuring iconic Little Debbie holiday snacks, a Little Debbie Gingerbread and Christmas Tree Candle ($14.99 each), and a Little Debbie Christmas Plate ($19.99).

Dog not included | Source: Little Debbie

There are outdoor decorations as well. The Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Inflatable ($99.99) is basically a large, blow-up version of the snack-aisle cake. The 7-foot tall inflatable mirrors the classic vanilla and chocolate version of the snacks. It also lights up!

Don’t forget to include your dog in the Little Debbie holiday goodness. The Little Debbie Hawaiian Dog Shirts: A Pawsome Tropical Adventure comes in two different designs, so you’ll probably find a good fit for your pet‘s personality. Both Hawaiian shirts ($29.99 each) feature Christmas Tree Cakes, the company logo, and Hawaiian flowers. You can also match your animals by sporting the Little Debbie Hawaiian Shirt: An Aloha Festivity ($39.99). The (human) shirt comes in sizes small-4XL. 

Little Debbie fans can purchase the cake-inspired merch now, so it’ll come just in time to show your relatives how passionate you are during Christmas dinner.


Celebrate the holidays with apparel, accessories, home goods, and more featuring the iconic Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake.

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