Din Djarin Life-Size Bust (left) and C-3PO 1:6-Scale Figure (right) | Source: Sideshow

It might be May the 5th, but Sideshow is keeping the Star Wars celebration (pun intended) going all month long with events, new merch reveals, and more. 

Yesterday, the retailer and merch maker brought fans a variety of giveaways, livestreams, games, prizes, and product reveals for National Star Wars Day. But in case you missed them, Sideshow has more events in store. Later this month, Sideshow will be at Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. From May 26-29, fans can visit Sideshow’s physical booth (No. 2719) or follow live coverage of the event to check out new products, special giveaways, contests, convention exclusives, and more. Additionally, Sideshow has revealed the Human Cyborg Relations display, showcasing unique interpretations of the beloved droid C-3PO. This Star Wars-inspired art exhibition combines a physical installation with an online gallery presentation. Fans can visit the Sideshow events page for more details as soon as they are released.

The company also unveiled new items from Sideshow, Hot Toys, and Unruly Industries to celebrate National Star Wars Day.

Din Djarin Life-Size Bust | Source: Sideshow

To start, Sideshow partnered with Legacy Effects to capture the stoic presence of the Mandalorian in a Din Djarin Life-Size Bust. This 1:1-scale bust also features rotational articulation in his helmet, so fans can change his focus for any display. Fans can preorder the iconic bounty hunter from Sideshow for $1,550. 

Darth Vader Designer Collectible Bust | Source: Sideshow

Unruly Industries and award-winning artist Jesse Hernandez also got in on the galactic celebration with a 10-inch Darth Vader Designer Collectible Bust. Hernandez blended Imperial aesthetics with his Mayan-infused art style to create a reimagining of the Sith Lord. Fans can even light up his red lightsaber for a glowing display. This Darth Vader bust is available for preorder from Sideshow for $185.

R2-D2 1:6-Scale Figure and C-3PO 1:6-Scale Figure | Source: Sideshow

Hot Toys is showing its love for the most famous droids of the Star Wars franchise with a pair of new 1:6-scale figures. The highly detailed R2-D2 1:6-Scale Figure features articulated panels and a retractable robot leg. The 7-inch figure also comes with numerous accessories, including a tether cable, rocket thrusters, and a selection of attachable tools and mechanical arms. The starship mechanic is available for preorder from Sideshow for $270. Wherever R2-D2 goes, C-3PO is bound to be close by! The C-3PO 1:6-Scale Figure showcases the fussy droid with the head of a battle droid, just like in the Attack of the Clones. The 11.4-inch figure features the interchangeable battle droid head (and his original head), a blaster, and LED light-up eyes. Fans can preorder C-3PO for their collection from Sideshow for $330. 

Battle Droid (Geonosis) 1:6-Scale Figure | Source: Sideshow

If C-3PO has a battle droid head, it only makes sense for a battle droid to have his! The Hot Toys Battle Droid (Geonosis) 1:6-Scale Figure features a mindless soldier of the Separatists with an interchangeable C-3PO head. It also includes a pair of binoculars, a blaster rifle, and a sand-themed figure base. Fans can preorder this 12.2-inch droid figure for their collection from Sideshow for $190. 

Clone Trooper 1:6-Scale Figure (left) and Clone Pilot 1:6-Scale Figure (right) | Source: Sideshow

Finally, fans can grow their clone army collections with new Hot Toys Clone Trooper figures! The Clone Trooper 1:6-Scale Figure features one of the soldiers in the Republic’s new military. The 11.8-inch figure includes two styles of blaster rifles, an interchangeable Phase 2 Clone Trooper helmet, an attachable backpack, and a figure base. Fans can recruit a Clone Trooper figure for their collection by preordering it from Sideshow for $230. While the Clone Troopers fought on the ground, the Clone Pilots took to the skies during the battle of Geonosis. The Clone Pilot 1:6-Scale Figure features an interchangeable helmet, two styles of blaster rifles, thermal detonators, a pair of binoculars, and a figure base. The 11.8-inch figure is available for preorder from Sideshow for $235.

These collectibles vary in their release dates from this November through next September, but fans can preorder now to get them as soon as they drop! Fans can also check out Sideshow for a whole list of Star Wars collectibles.

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