New Wave is expanding its line of playable, 1:6-scale mini arcade cabinets! | Source: New Wave

Better load up on your nickels, because the ‘80s are back and better than ever. 

New Wave is expanding its RepliCade line of playable, 1:6-scale arcade cabinets with three new additions. Fans can now choose from the Space Ace x RepliCade, the Space Ace x RepliCade Conversion Kit Edition, and the Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade Overhaul Edition.  

New Wave’s Space Ace x RepliCade mini arcade game. | Source: New Wave

Space Ace x RepliCade ($169.99) is an almost-exact reproduction of the ‘80s game fans know and love. The cabinet features the complete Space Ace experience, including an authentic ball-top joystick and skill-level buttons, a working digital scoreboard, an illuminated marquee, LED cabinet accents, and USB controller support. It also comes with a mini prop of the LDV1000 LaserDisc player, complete with a Space Ace “LaserDisc” and sleeve. 

New Wave’s Space Ace x RepliCade Conversion Kit mini arcade game. | Source: New Wave

Space Ace x RepliCade Conversion Kit Edition ($169.99) features everything from the original Space Ace x RepliCade, plus a cabinet designed to replicate the Dragon’s Lair form factor, a Space Ace field conversion kit replacement control panel, conversion kit cabinet art, and red T-molding. 

New Wave’s Dragon’s Lair mini arcade game. | Source: New Wave

Finally, Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade Overhaul Edition ($169.99) is back again after selling out shortly after its 2021 release. Fans who missed out on the initial release can now purchase this popular game, which is available in black and red variants. Dragon’s Lair includes an authentic ball-top joystick, action buttons, an illustrated marquee, LED cabinet accents, USB controller support, and a Cinematronics raised-letter coin door. It also includes a mini prop replica of the commercial-grade LDV1000 LaserDisc player used in late production runs of Dragon’s Lair and a mini “LaserDisc” and sleeve. Additionally, the game features special overhaul edition packaging, four mini arcade tokens, a replica operator’s manual, and a Dragon’s Lair one-sheet mini-poster. 


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All three games will be available for preorder starting on March 25th at 6 p.m. PST on Don’t miss the preorder — the games will be on sale for a preorder price of $149.99 each. Let the games begin! 

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