Quit playing games with my heart. What kind of games, you ask? Games Adults Play. Goliath released this new line of party games for the 18 and older set,  including Sip It, True Colors, Tossed Salad, Friend or Faux, and the Sh*t Happens collection.

For anyone tired of beer pong and flip cup, Sip It is a different kind of drinking game that riffs on the old party favorite, truth or dare. Players take turns drawing cards with different wild and/or embarrassing tasks on them. Whoever doesn’t have the guts to complete the task must take a sip or lose points.

True Colors is a game with more than 85 hilarious questions that will reveal how well a group of friends know each other. Players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description best.

Tossed Salad is all about those double entendres, so the dirtier the mind, the better. Players split into two teams and have to get their teammates to shout out the hidden meaning on their card.

There’s always one frenemy in every group. Turn them into a real friend with Friend or Faux, with five rounds of increasingly revealing questions that’ll force friends to share stories, recount memories, and get extra personal.

The Sh*t Happens collection is made up of five games: the original Sh*t Happens, the expanded Full of Sh*t, the Little Sh*ts expansion packs, Too Sh*tty for Work edition, and the 50 Shades of Sh*t edition. Players read through the sh*tty situation cards and rank their order in terms of just how crappy they are. Points will be rewarded according to who guesses most accurately based on The Official Misery Index.

These games are available now at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

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