SpongeBob Sock Collaborations | Source: Stance/The Pop Insider

Accessory and apparel manufacturer Stance has teamed up with graphic artist Grant Kratzer (@cheatinsnakes) for a new, curated collection inspired by a certain sponge who lives under the sea.

Kratzer illustrated the designs for the apparel — including two new pairs of casual knit socks and two cotton shirts — with inspiration from vintage tattoos, action movies, and a bit of bootleg design culture (which explains why SpongeBob doesn’t look quite like himself). His previous work includes a wide variety of illustration and branding, and Kratzer was able to put a very personal spin on this beloved character.


The “Imagination Bob” sock style comes in kids’ ($12.99) and adult ($16.99) sizes, while the “Bob Was Here” pair ($19.99) is unisex for adults. “Imagination Bob” comes on a white sock featuring SpongeBob proudly displaying his name above him — just like the rainbow in the popular “Imagination” meme — alongside a whimsical undersea flower design. “Bob Was Here” is printed on a gray sock with SpongeBob in a “Kilroy was here”-style illustration, sandwiched between two sets of barbed wire.

SpongeBob T-shirt Collaborations | Source: Stance/The Pop Insider

The short-sleeved T-shirt in the line features similar art to the “Imagination Bob” socks and is called the “Spongemagination” ($29.99). SpongeBob looks bright and bold with the iconic Captain featured below, along with some of the lyrics from the show’s intro. There’s a long-sleeved T-shirt, too, called “The Flying Dutchman” ($34.99). This shirt applies Kratzer’s love for monster truck culture and features SpongeBob driving the baddest boat in Bikini Bottom through a graveyard. The design is placed inside a chain-link border with lightning bolt accents.

Fans can shop the collection now on stance.com and at Stance retail locations.

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