We always tell the truth, even when we lie. And this new Scarface backpack is no lie!

The iconic ’80s film Scarface from director Brian De Palma featured Al Pacino in the starring role of Tony Montana, an ex-convict new to Miami. The movie won’t soon be forgotten, in no small part due to Tony’s character — a rough, vicious, and somehow still charismatic gangster. The over-the-top violence of the movie had critics initially uncertain, but the movie has now taken its place in history as a cult classic. Sprayground is keeping that history alive with a new backpack centering Tony Montana himself.

The new backpack is sleek and ready for the streets. | Source: Sprayground

The limited-edition backpack is inspired by the movie’s poster, depicting Tony Montana over a checkerboard black-and-white pattern. The backpack also features Sprayground’s signature shark mouth and logos from both the company and the movie.

Sprayground has more where that came from for fans of classic films and other fandoms. The company has previously pulled from Jurassic Park, Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more for streetwear-styled backpacks, all perfect for a pop culture closet.

The new Scarface backpack will be available later this year on the Sprayground webstore as well as from exclusive boutiques. Have a favorite character carry all your goods, just make sure you don’t have anything criminal inside!

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