The Boodega has all sorts of Halloween-themed pop culture products. | Source: Super7

Super7 prides itself on its pop culture offerings, bringing fans everything from toys to apparel. And for the Halloween season, the merch maker has opened its online “Boodega,” which is the perfect place for pop culture lovers with a need to collect all things spooky.

For nostalgic fans who are looking for a scary addition to their collection, Super7 has plenty of Halloweeny ReAction figures. Chucky from Child’s Play 2 gets the action figure treatment with plenty of blood spatter and a knife accessory. The young Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist also makes an appearance with spatter deco, but in this case, it’s vomit! If you’re a lover of monsters in general, the My Pet Monster Figure features a cute and scary orange monster with neon green shackles. Finally, Tim Burton fans will be delighted to see both The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie and Corpse Bride’s Emily figures in the shop.

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For those who are looking for something more wearable, the Boodega has a number of different masks on offer. There is a Creature From the Black Lagoon mask that would be great for any Halloween party on a waterfront and a Mechagodzilla mask that will have you ready to fight the famous Godzilla (in case he decides to make an appearance).

All this and more is now available on Super7’s website. Though as it warns, you’ll need to shop the Boodega at your own risk!

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