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Great news, Marvel fans! No, there still isn’t a Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer, but there is finally some Eternals merch!

Following yesterday’s debut of the final trailer for this upcoming Marvel Studios movie, fans can finally preorder products featuring the powerful characters who are about to make their MCU debut.

First, there is a new LEGO set inspired by the movie (pictured above), as revealed on The set is called “Rise of the Domo” and will be available exclusively from Target. Based on the photo, the set includes the pieces needed to build the Eternal’s ship — as seen in the trailers — and six mini-figs.

There is also a VAST collection of new Eternals collectibles from Funko. Like, so vast that it took Funko three Instagram posts to share it all.


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The Pop! Marvel: Marvel Studios’ Eternals lineup includes figures of Kingo, Makkari, Gilgamesh, Thena, Ikaris, Ajak, Sersi, Sprite, Phastos, and Druig, Kro, and Dane Whitman. There is also a jumbo-sized Pop! of Arishem that stands 10 inches tall.

There are some retailer-exclusive Pops! as well, including a Walmart-exclusive Thena. Entertainment Earth also has a special offer: The online retailer has all of the non-exclusive Pop! figures, but each comes with a limited-edition, exclusive collectible card. These versions are limited to 3,024 pieces each, so be sure to act fast.

Outside of the traditional Pop! figures, Funko also has a selection of Eternals Mystery Minis, Pop! Pen Toppers, and Pop! Keychains.

With the exception of some retailer-exclusives, all of these Eternals collectibles are available to preorder now, and Eternals is scheduled to hit theaters on Nov. 5!

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