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In the words of Micheal Scott, “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It’s like this tangible thing you can say, ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars-worth.’” If someone buys you The Office Subscription Box from CultureFly they must love you at least $30-worth.

The winter box, which I was able to review, has a Christmas Party theme. And let me just say, Jesus would *not* think this party is lame. As someone who has watched The Office through exactly (probably) 78 times, I can say it has everything a The Office Christmas party should have — minus the double Santas and interventions. The box is filled with fandom-inspired treats that are worth infinite Shrute Bucks.

The outside of the latest box is filled with quiet reminders of your favorite episodes. The Dunder Mifflin Paper Inc. Company fills an early ’00s-model desktop with lights around it, while Pam’s perfect gift and art decorate the illustrated desk. Inside the box, there are no bears, but there are beets, a World’s Best Boss mug, and more iconic moments of the show. Also, there’s merch. So. Much. Merch.

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For anyone who was snubbed of an office gift from corporate this year, the cozy Dunder Mifflin Robe is the perfect consolation prize. There are also memorable images from the show on postcards that are ready to send out instead of a Christmas card (remember, this year you really can say it got lost in the mail). Fans can also discover a mystery squishy (perfect for relieving stress when your boss wants to Zoom for the 15th time this week, and an “Impish or Admirable” stocking. For those looking to give their tree some love, there are three ornaments, including your very own Dundee.


Memorable Christmas presents (and other moments) of Dunder Mifflin adorn some included gift wrap that is way too cool to actually use. As someone who needs at least half a roll of wrapping paper to cover one present, it’s also just not enough. Crafty people can probably find a way to turn it into something worthy of a desk. Others can stow it for future use.

Another item that I’m scared to use for it’s intended purpose is my favorite of the pack. In the chaotic Christmas episode of season two, Jim attempts to gift Pam a teapot full of inside jokes (and his feelings for her) and obviously Michael ruins it. In the end, Pam trades a $400 iPod for the teapot and says, “I think I made the right choice.” That’s what’s written on the tiny, green teapot included in the box — and no I’m not crying.

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I haven’t tested it to actually make tea (if I break it I will actually cry) but it holds more than a mugful of water inside without leaking. I’m thinking about making it a charming watering can for my plant but if you’re braver than me, go ahead and try it for tea. For those who don’t like sentimental squish fests, of course, there is also an enamel pin of Dwight trying to use the teapot to clean his sinuses while dressed as an elf.

CultureFly proves with this box once again that they understand what fans want. I’m beginning to think they have Santa working on their team. This year’s boxes are sold out, but fans can learn about how to sign up for the quarterly “The Office Box” delivery service here.

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