Smart Pop Explains is a book series that answers all your fandom questions. | Source: Smart Pop/the Pop Insider

Have you ever wondered what a fandom is about, but don’t want to ask? 

Well boy, do we have the book series for you! Smart Pop Explains, a new pop culture book series, offers everyone — especially new fans — an easy and entertaining on-ramp into culture’s most popular films and fandoms. The books were created for anyone who wants to know what everyone is talking about. 

Each book is filled with more than 200 questions, sidebars, and tangents that help explain things like what an infinity stone is or who Snape is. Unlike other pop culture encyclopedias, these books are targeted toward the average person, who doesn’t know anything about the world’s most popular fandoms. 

The first three books in the series are due to hit shelves this summer, just in time for the con season. Choose from either Smart Pop Explains Marvel Movies and TV Shows (out July 5), Smart Pop Explains Harry Potter Books and Movies (out July 5), and Smart Pop Explains Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit Movies (out Aug. 30). 

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All three books will be available for purchase on for $9.99+. Your pop culture enlightenment awaits! 

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